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Galactic Cruise Co. is a concept art project created in the spring of 2019. It surrounds a fictitious ad campaign for a cruise company that can take you through space. It is a futuristic project, set in a 1950s/60s vintage style.

key image poster.jpg

Left: My key image for the project. My goal was to create a compelling and eye-catching image to draw in perspective "cruise goers". It is very much inspired by old-style space-race propaganda posters from the 1960s.

key image poster bw.jpg
key image square bw.jpg
key image square.jpg
key image header bw.jpg
key image header.jpg

Above: Sketches, as well as alternative formats and colorless versions.

Right: Character design number 1. This is the "figurehead" so to speak, of G.C.C. She is a space traveling tour guide who is very good with kids, and always has a smile on her face.

character designs copy.jpg
character design 1 copy.jpg

Left and Above: Sketches and alternative designs/silhouettes 

I really wanted her design to remind the viewer of black and white ink-drawn ads from the '50s while being in color. Everything about her is nonsensical, from her pose to her outfit, and that is crucial to the way the Cruise company is viewed.

character design final.jpg
Amanda Jackapino_Map_Dave Inscore_Photos

Left: Ship map. This is the map of the GCC-3427 space cruise ship, aka the biggest commercial cruise ship in the known galaxy.

It was important for me to capture the feeling of this ship, as well as keep the eye interested in all the components and rooms

Below: Initial sketch

sketch 2.jpg

Left: UI website design.

Here I created components for the G.C.C website and laid out a fictional site for a concept. I created mockups for buttons, loading screens, social media icons and more. I had to question what a futuristic vintage site would appear as.

Below: Individual UI Components.


Right: Character design number 2. This is the captain of the GCC-3427 space cruiser. She is promoted as the best captain to ever fly the skies and is featured on promotional posters for the company. Unlike my first character design, I opted for a 60's style painted illustration, with full color.

Below: Silhouettes and initial sketches.

character design sheet 2 copy.jpg
character design main w ref copy.jpg
character design main.jpg
post card .jpg
scene concept colored.jpg

Left: Environment design. I designed an alien planet postcard from one of the planets perspective customers can cruise to.

I also designed a mock-up of a vintage postcard

Below: Initial sketches and inspiration

concept environment designs numbered cop
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